IP: play.wyverncove.com

"The perfect balance of a semi-vanilla survival server..."

...and the only one you'll ever need to join. We're about to bring you one of the best survival experiences possible in the stunning world of Minecraft. Team up, build, fight, grief, trade, build alliances, form enemies, and so much more... The opportunities here are endless!


The goal of the server is simple: to carry out the best possible survival experience you can have on a server. This means we focus on keeping gameplay smooth & lag free, while only modifying the game if it makes multiplayer more enjoyable!


Our plugins are designed to not break the vanilla (normal survival) feel of Minecraft! This means there are no game-breaking changes such as land claim or locked chests: only quality-of-life commands to keep gameplay streamlined.


The Wyvern Cove community is active one; and it comes alongside a dedicated staff team! We're attentive to issues, and ready to assist with anything you need help with! Events are also hosted on the server to engage with our community.

Absolutely. No. Limits.

We know bedrock players often struggle to find survival servers... which is precisely why we support both Java & Bedrock!

Server IP: play.wyverncove.com

(Only use if on bedrock) Port: 19132